There’s a certain flair and pageantry that gets added to any sporting event when Los Angeles is the host city. When it came to the 2018 NBA All-Star festivities, Hollywood did not disappoint in living up to its standard.  

From the arrival of a handful of players late last week to the throng of celebrities, NBA legends and, of course, actual All-Stars on the court for Sunday night’s All-Star Game, big and bold moments marked this All-Star weekend that was.

This is by no means the be-all, end-all list for the weekend. But, if you somehow missed them, then you did definitely missed out. NBA Allstar Weekend 20218, I travelled to LA to cover the festivities and also host the first Li-Ning brand event in the United States alongside NBA Legend Dwyane Wade, CJ McCollum and more. 

NBA Allstar Weekend in Los Angeles

The format changed for the 67th All-Star Game, with Captains LeBron James and Stephen Curry choosing their rosters, proved to be a rousing success. And the game itself, with its final frantic minutes, was worth all of the hand-wringing. 

The defence-wins-when-it-matters final seconds living up to all of the promise that accompanied the reset for both the players involved and all of us watching. Team LeBron’s furious 28-12 comeback in the final six minutes made the game an actual, real-life competition. Both sides going at it and wanting to win in the worst way is all anyone was asking for — well that and a televised player draft which then happened for the 2019 allstar. 

Here is some of the people I had the pleasure of interviewing on a busy weekend in LA.