Samuel Mensah – Part One

Samuel Mensah – for the ones who have known him from childhood, we refer to him as Xplore or only X. The grime musician who was making waves across London and was also featured on the BBC stage for best future talent. He was on his way to the top. He had made it in the grassroots, and he was on his way to the mainstream until Samuel, six years ago, decided to take over the family’s business Uncle John’s Bakery.

Many may ask why he made that decision, but it only made sense for many of us who grew up with him. Uncle John’s Bakery has been part of our Tottenham community over the last 25years. If you are a Ghanaian, your parents have probably sent you there every weekend of your life since you were 11yrs old. They did with me. Uncle John’s bakery provides you with a little bit of Ghana in London with their daily freshly baked bread, doughnuts, sauces, and more.

Samuel Mensah – Part Two

I cant visit London without visiting Uncle John. I have known Samuel from our teens years and to see him take over the business and take it to a new level makes me incredibly proud. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with him for the 411 of everything I had missed over the last six years of his life and transformation.

Sit back and take some lessons from the boy from Tottenham, who is changing the world with bread.

Samuel Mensah – Part Three
Samuel Mensah – Part Four