A question most black women ask amongst themselves when it comes to dating basketball players, “why do basketball players only date light-skinned and white girls?”

A question I have heard time and time again but never really had an answer because I suppose I want to know myself. Now, we know not all basketball player date light-skinned and white girls because Dwyane Wade, Lebron James and some players do have dark-skinned partners.

But the general view of many is that ballers have a template and that goes for not only basketball players but also NFL, soccer players and more. This week, I was joined by American born Ghanaian Shooting Guard/Point Guard Alhaji Mohammed.

A legend basketball player who has been inducted into French Basketball League Pro Aside Limoges. Mohammed played for Limoges during the team’s time in the lower division (Pro B) for two seasons after graduating from the University of Louisville.

The Combo Guard averaged 19.2 points, 4.4 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game in his debut season and recorded 16.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game in his second season. Mohammed moved on and has since played for teams in several European countries including Hungary, Spain and Romania in his lengthy career.

The veteran Guard’s plan to play his 16th year as a professional is on hold as Mohammed signed to play for Tunisian giant US Monastir for the Basketball Africa League (The BAL) prior to the league’s suspension due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The 38-year-old player is the younger brother of NBA Champion Nazr Mohammed who played for San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Mohammed joined the BAL Podcast and he was asked the question majority of women wanted the answer to, “Why don’t you date dark-skinned girls?”

If I am honest, I wasn’t prepared for his response as I thought he was going to give us a weak arsed answer to please as all, but he was one hundred with us all the way.

“I don’t think that is true. Some ballers are not exposed to dark skin women due to where they end up playing. The women that interact with ballers are sometimes the light-skinned and white girls,” said Mohammed.

“But also, for some successful black women, if you are not on their level or above, they are not going to give you the attention, so that’s why. But also a lot of guys are scared of successful black women because they can’t control them.

Why ballers don’t date black women?

” A lot of guys like control and you can’t control a successful black woman.”

That was the most real answer I have ever received on this question. In some way, it made a lot of sense but sisters (successful or not) want to be able to be giving the opportunity to get to know ballers or none ballers before been judged?

Just because they are successful doesn’t mean they don’t want to meet someone who also wants to build? A partnership is building a foundation, right? But I also understand because I have had many conversations with potential partners, who were standoffish because they didn’t feel ready to date me simply because they had made independent decisions that, “in order for them to step to me, they need to be ready to settle down.”

It is flattering when guys see you that way but, could they have a conversation with us first? Instead of making the decisions themselves? Maybe, we are also not ready to settle down. Whatever happened to getting to know each other, dating and seeing how things go?

Either way ladies, you now have your answer. Let’s talk.