In a week that is to raise the awareness of mental health, it’s a week where my anxiety is playing up.

Being a woman working in a such high pressured environment, stress can be an important factor in all areas. Over the years, I have learnt (in some cases), bad habits in dealing with my anxiety and stress. Sometimes, I ignore it totally because I have much more important things to deal with and at times, it hits me, when I least expect it and it takes it out of me.

In a week like this, I feel it is important to remember why it is so important to put yourself first especially when working in such high pressured environments because if you don’t, the same things you are trying to run away from is the same thing that will take you down. During this lockdown period, it has really thought me to self reflect and really learn to work on things that have and continue to affect me in my day to day, e.g. anxiety.

Doing simple things like exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep, disconnecting from people that affect you negatively and learning to switch off from work has really helped. I know it is not easy especially when so much is expected of you within your role at work and you as a person to your friends and family, but imagine not putting yourself first and suffering from it? Let that sink in.

It is ok not to be ok.

You need you in order to be able to be the best for everyone else. Something I have learnt over the last couple of weeks. So many times, I have caught myself overthinking, overworking and not taking the time to really put myself first. Mental Health Awareness week has got me really thinking about the things “I” need to put in place to make myself ok all the time and not just sometimes.

It is about being honest with yourself all the time and not hiding emotions that is perfectly normal to feel. I am guilty of suppressing my emotions and not talking about things that has hurt me. This is simply because of the fact that I sometimes do not want to appear weak, stupid or taken advantage off. But these are all normal emotions that as humans we should feel at times, right? It is perfectly ok to feel these things regardless of what society may think.

So, on Mental Health Awareness Week, I truly hope, we are all taking the time out to make “YOU” ok again because it is perfectly normal to put yourself first at times the reset yourself back to the normal you know, the normal that makes “YOU” happy and the normal “YOU” feel comfortable with.