For a decade and more, I have fronted the NBA UK scene as the first female broadcaster to solely focus on NBA basketball in the UK. Started back in 2010, the journey hasn’t been easy, but the rewards of contributing back into the sport has been impactful.

Working with a great team of fellow analysts and broadcasters including Simon Hosannah, Alan Semugabi, Romaine Hansken, Benson Mensah-Bonsu, Gary Maitland, Aysun Sen, Amy Latchana, and Mike Miller, we spent years creating content ahead of our time to engage and build a following for the NBA. The league itself outside the USA was huge and in the UK, lovers of the games were always going to fall in love with the NBA having a permanent place in the UK.

Over the years, we have covered every since NBA event in the UK and beyond by creating the weekly show, “The Drop” where analysts and fands come together to share their unapologetic views on the game. After nearly ten years of coverage, in 2016, I partnered with NBA legend Dwyane Wade’s brand Li-Ning and Alibaba to take the show to the next level while building the “Way of Wade” brand across Europe.

In 2019, we called curtains on the show as I gained a great opportunity to lead the charge of women’s sport with one of the worlds largest sporting platform “GiveMeSport,” but also it was time to step back from the front of the camera and get behind the desk where I can truly create change by becoming a board of governor for Basketball England.

Although hundreds of thousands of children in the UK play basketball each week, it is one of the worst-funded sports in the country due to a lack of Olympic success, but that’s a story for another day because it is not as simple as that. Basketball is the second-most popular sport in the United Kingdom for teenagers in disadvantaged urban areas.