The D Word 3 was a one-day conference for journalists, students, senior decision-makers across the sports media, social media influencers, academics, PR practitioners and diversity experts.

The Black Collective of Media in Sport held its one-day conference, the D Word 3, during FARE’s #FootballPeople weeks and I was asked to host the conference at the BT Sport studios in London. 

Industry leaders including Simon Green, Head of BT Sport, Shaun Custis, Head of Sport at The Sun Newspaper, Ebony Amoroso, Head of HR at Endeavor, Louise Sutton, Editor of BBC One’s Final Score, Robbie Lyle, Founder of AFTV Media, and Reshmin Chowdhury, Broadcaster for BBC Sport and BT Sport discussed ways to increase diversity in UK sports media, journalism and broadcasting, and will bring together journalists, students, academics, diversity experts and others to discussed pathways to greater diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

The conference’s theme was ‘The Future’ where the debate focussed on how to have a more diverse sports media and how to improve the quality of journalism and broadcasting across the industry.

It was great to facilitate the conversation throughout the day on the main stage asking the hard questions about the lack of diversity within the newsrooms in the UK but also finding new ways to make things better for all going forward.